NPTGONLINEPool Pro is a service based company with the best interest of the customer in mind.

Over the years, Pool Pro has evolved to meet the demands of the industry as well as the obstacles encountered on a daily basis.

The main strength of the company comes from immense pride of the employees to be the best, some with the company since its inception in 1985.

Pool Pro is small enough to give the personal attention that everyone of our customers deserve and expect, but large enough to complete the task at hand with unsurpassed expertise and efficiency.

Our referral list is testimony of numerous satisfied customers, each project with its own special twist, but a challenge that we are willing to accept.

A quote from the company’s president “ What most people think impossible, just takes us a little longer”.  With a rebuttal from one of the employees after an extensive day, “You can’t put a time frame on quality”.





We now offer the added convenience of online bill payment through PayPal.


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